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Touristic Tips near Trapani

Climate and natural bathing town. Sicilian capital of marble. The old town has among others a beautiful shrine built in different styles: Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance.
Another attraction is the Cave Mangiapane, an ancient prehistoric settlement which later was transformed into a village where every year during Christmas time is represented a Living Nativity.

Baia Cornino
Custonaci marina: clear water and a small marina. Ideal for swimming and underwater explorations.
Starting point for excursions in the Monte Cofano Reserve.

Baia Santa Margherita
2.5 kilometers of coast between Makari and Castelluzzo that dives on an emerald sea. The area is closed to vehicular traffic and is a treasure trove of suggestions.
Breathtaking transparency and unspoiled nature make this part of the costs a little bit of paradise.

San Vito Lo Capo
It 'a well-known and popular seaside resort. Town center has developed around the ancient Saracen fortress, later turned into a shrine dedicated to San Vito. Every year in September will take place the International Cous Cous Festival.

Monte Cofano Reserve
Natural reserve of extraordinary beauty of landscape and nature. For lovers of trekking and mountain biking presents an easy path to make the circumnavigation of the mountain along the coast and the ascent to the summit from where you can enjoy a splendid view. There are also archaeological ruins, towers, caves etc.

Zingaro Natural Reserve
A few km from San Vito Lo Capo. A natural paradise unparalleled in his miraculously intact, pristine beauty. It has trails, shelters, picnic areas, museums, etc.. The Reserve can be visited only by foot.

Located on the peak of a mountain, retains its appearance of a medieval village. To see the Castle of Venus, the gardens of balio, the Spanish Quarter and its many churches.

Founded by the Elimi, became one of the most powerful city in western Sicily. Destroyed by the barbarians kept almost intact the magnificent Doric temple and the greek theater, carved into the rock of the second century. B.C. Each year cultural events are still represented.

Egadi Islands
Only 10 miles from Trapani are considered "marine nature reserve". Favignana is the largest island with facilities and accommodation, Levanzo and Marettimo are ideal for those who want a quiet holiday away from all, in the pristine green of their protected territory.

Located in the extreme western tip of Sicily, the historic city center - pleasantly livable at night - has Gothic, Gothic-Renaissance, Baroque and late Baroque.

Riserva delle Saline
About a thousand acres of mountains of salt ponds, canals, mills and beams observing flocks of birds in flight and breathing in the smell of the sea and the Mediterranean flora. A natural paradise, ideal for lovers of birdwatching.

Marsala, Mozia, Stagnone
Marsala is famous for the landing of the Expedition "dei Mille". Particular note are the monumental complex of San Pietro, the Municipal Theatre and the Baglio Anselmi where a wreck of a Punic ship is exposed.
In the nearby lagoon Stagnone, lies the island of Mozia. Ancient Phoenician colony, protected archaeological and environmental constraints. There is a large necropolis area and the remains of the Phoenician city on the island can be admired in the Whitaker museumx.


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